Ossa Is Natural

Our founders, Camille, an award-winning oral health scientist, and Jamie, an expert in oral care formulation and flavor, are dedicated to advancing oral health through ongoing research and collaboration. We prioritize the use of top-quality ingredients for optimal results in your oral care which we know is the gateway to your overall beauty, health and wellness.


We understand the intimate relationship between oral health, the microbiome, and whole-body health. Our mission is to create innovative products designed to balance whole-body and microbiome health naturally. We aim to treat the source of oral inflammation with gentle, non-inflammatory ingredients to keep a youthful face and maintain overall health.


OSSA is paving the way for the next generation of oral care. Traditional oral care focuses solely on the tooth, but oral inflammation can accelerate facial bone loss and disrupt whole-body health. Our novel but natural oral care delivers ingredients that treat the source of oral inflammation and facial aging. This includes a daily oral care regimen since it's essential to your whole body health regimen.



10 years of Oral Health research and 20 years as a cosmetologist has given me a unique perspective on the synergy between beauty and wellness. The mouth is where we taste the world, talk with our community, smile at our friends, kiss our mates, and is the foundation of our face. I want to empower people with knowledge and tools for preserving their oral health so we can keep smiling with one another.


A Leader in the Science of Flavors with a Passion for Natural Solutions. With 17 years in the Oral Care industry, I’m excited to be part of this new challenge.

Flavor and product formulation have always been a passion for me and with OSSA, I get to combine the things I love the most: Science, Nature, & Holistic Wellness.

Camille's Science

Publications by Camille

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Jamie's Science

Publications by Jamie

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Camille and Johnathan love talking about all things oral health

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Camille's Obsession

An entire INSTA page detailing Camille's Oral Health Obsession

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Camille's AAP Award

Most outstanding study with direct clinical relevance in periodontics

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RDH Interview

Camille interviewed by RDH Magazine

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