OSSA Is Beauty

We are obsessed with caring for your mouth in a whole new way. We recognize the profound connection between oral health, facial beauty, and total wellness. Our oral care is thoughtfully formulated with gentle but effective ingredients that naturally control inflammation, hydrate your mouth while gently whitening. Welcome to a new era in beauty and health.

The first oral care with Niacinamide

Balance your skin from the inside out with OSSA. Our products contain the same anti-aging ingredients as your favorite luxury skincare brands, and they do wonders for the inside of your mouth.


A vitamin that supports anti-aging cell-pathways to preserve your facial bone structure.


A molecular component of healthy skin that soothes inflammation and moisturizes your mouth.

Curated Botanicals

Thoughtfully curated mix of botanicals to keep your mouth healthy and balanced.

Microbiome safe

We avoid antimicrobial ingredients. Our ingredients promote microbiome balance.

Gentle ingredients

We are selective about our ingredients and choose to avoid irritants. No ingredient is unsafe.


We believe in keeping oral care simple & clean. See your Dentist for fluoride varnish treatments.

Hyaluronan balances your mouth

An essential part of your skin and shown to regenerate gingival tissues, hydrate the mouth, reduce oral inflammation, mouth ulcers, & post-surgery pain relief which is why we put it in our Mouth Serum. Use after brushing to balance & nourish.

Niacinamide is potent and natural

Also known as Vitamin B3, can treat many inflammatory conditions, activate natural antimicrobial proteins from skin cells, & induce anti-aging cell signaling pathways. The power of this natural ingredient inspired us to create the OSSA Brand.

Neutrophils are essential for health

Neutrophils are white blood cells that control your mouth health. They control the oral microbiome but can cause inflammation if there is imbalance. We use Niacinamide which has been shown reduce the inflammatory neutrophil to improve health.